O.C. C.O.B.A. Endorsement

May 15, 2017

The Orange County Correction Officers Benevolent Association, the largest law enforcement union in Orange County, recently announced its support of David M. Hoovler’s re-election campaign for Orange County District Attorney.

“Since you have taken the oath of office, we have had the privilege of watching you work tirelessly for the people of Orange County… you have been committed to enforcing the law equally and without prejudice,” said O.C. C.O.B.A. President Rafael Marquez. “(Your) commitment… has not only made our communities safer, but improved the quality of life for all residents living in Orange County.”

O.C. C.O.B.A. union, formed in 1998, is focused on improving the terms and conditions of employment, protecting members’ contractual rights, providing high-quality representation in the collective bargaining process, communicating effectively with the membership, achieving legislative gains, and promoting the overall welfare of members.