District Attorney Hoovler: Maximum Sentence for Gun Conviction After Jury Trial

September 6, 2022

District Attorney Hoovler: Maximum Sentence for Gun Conviction After Jury Trial

Newburgh Man Convicted of Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree for
Illegal Possession of Pistol

Defendant Sentenced to 15 Years based on prior Felony Convictions for
Weapons Possession, Assault and Animal Fighting

Orange County District Attorney David M. Hoovler announced that on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, Corey Owens, 29, of Newburgh, was sentenced to fifteen years in state prison and five years post-release supervision following his conviction after a jury trial in Orange County Court of Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree. The sentence is the maximum sentence permitted by law, as a result of his prior criminal convictions, which include a previous conviction for felony weapons possession, felony assault with the use of weapon, and a previous felony conviction for animal fighting. The jury found that Owens had illegally possessed a loaded 9 mm semiautomatic pistol in the City of Newburgh on March 1, 2022.
On March 1, 2022, the City of Newburgh Police Department received a report of a man with a handgun in the vicinity of Van Ness Street. A City of Newburgh police officer monitoring City operated street cameras observed a man discard his jacket by Van Ness Street and Carpenter Street when police vehicles were nearby. City of Newburgh police officers recovered the jacket and found it to contain a 9 mm semiautomatic pistol that was loaded with ten bullets. Police Officers stopped the man who had discarded the jacket, and identified him as Corey Owens, 28, of Newburgh. At the trial, prosecutors argued that DNA evidence taken from the gun corroborated that the gun had been possessed by Owens.
District Attorney Hoovler thanked the City of Newburgh Police Department for their investigation and the arrest of the defendant.
“After the jury spoke to this defendant’s guilt, the Court rightfully imposed the maximum sentence for this violent recidivist,” said District Attorney David M. Hoovler. “A top line priority for my Office is to hold accountable those offenders who drive violence in the County. We will continue to pursue justice in these difficult cases, including through litigation. I hope this conviction and sentence stands as a warning to others that the unlawful possession of dangerous firearms will be met by severe punishment.”
District Attorney Hoovler highly commended Executive Assistant District Attorneys Michael Milza who prosecuted the case.

A criminal charge is merely an allegation by the police that a defendant has committed a violation of the criminal law, and it is not evidence of guilt. All defendants are presumed innocent and entitled to a fair trial, during which it will be the State of New York’s burden to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.